A popular Digital Rights Advocacy group called the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is back this year and have released their annual report card. It’s called “Who has your back” regarding companies who protect their users – and their data – from the prying eyes of the government. Surprisingly, Verizon scores dead last and didn’t receive a single star, while AT&T only had 1 out of 5 themselves. It’s not looking good for wireless carriers.

The report is about a lot more than just wireless carriers.They actually grade huge companies like Twitter, Apple, Facebook, Google and others all in how they protect and fight for their users in both Congress, and Court. Surprisingly the folks from Twitter seem to “have our back” more than anyone else earning a full report and 6 out of 6 for protection. Google was pretty good with 5, but then you see a few that should have us worried.

As you see in the image above companies like AT&T, Apple, and even Amazon received a pretty low grade. And Myspace had the worst score (tied with Verizon) and sadly didn’t get a single good grade, zero stars. Which basically means Verizon won’t help you one single bit. DropBox and Twitter certainly deserve an honorable mention, as does Sonic.net.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 10.42.43 AM

The report is actually rather interesting to read. Looking at the 6 different areas of criteria they grade on, you should be pretty worried when you see Verizon doesn’t earn a single star. In the end the EFF is calling out wireless carriers like Verizon and AT&T to join the larger companies by protecting their users, and publishing policies and transparency reports. Hit the link at the top of the page for their full breakdown. You’ll be glad you did.

[via SlashGear]