A new mobile OS and web-services system wants to enter the mobile industry. It’s still being developed but eelo developer Gaël Duval is seeking for the the public’s support. Officially named as ‘eelo’, this mobile OS aims to become a more desirable, private, and open source system. It includes web services that most people use in a more secure environment.

Eelo aims to keep things private, safe, and secure all the time. It can be an alternative mobile OS and associate web service where people can work on their email, access cloud storage, and utilize numerous office programs.

To finish the project, the developer is raising $30,000 in funds to pay off other developers working on the project. About twice the goal has been raised already from 696 support with still 16 days to go before the dealine. It seems many people believe in the project mainly because people want change.

The name eelo comes from “eels”. Those are small fishes can can easily hide in the sea. The idea is that the mobile OS, this eelo, can help users hide and have more privacy. Eelo will arrive in the form of privacy-enabled smartphone ROMs. Those smartphones with associated web-services will soon be availabe for all.

SOURCE: Kickstarter