EE and Three have combined to bring LTE service to more of Europe. In a £1 billion deal, the two carriers will access each others’ network across Europe. This is an important move for a burgeoning LTE network in Europe, and should provide better coverage in a quicker timeframe.

EE was the first to provide LTE service to Europe, doing so a full year ahead of anyone else. Three is among the last to offer LTE, which they hope to roll out to 50 cities by the end of 2014, and a staggering 98% of the UK in the same timeframe. EE is hoping to bring LTE to 70% of Europe by the end of the month.

Both carriers have been making important plays for 4G service lately. EE has invested £1.4 billion to-date on upgrading their service, while Three has made £500 million in updates. Though they will both offer LTE, they have fairly different approaches, comparatively.

EE offers LTE as a premium service, and leaving 3G service for their Orange and T-Mobile brands. Three on the other hand is working to upgrade their whole network, and offer LTE to all their customers, much like we enjoy here int he states. Though the approaches differ, the larger network is a definite plus for everyone.

Source: Recombu

VIA: GSM Arena