EDMT is a new app that is described as an interactive visual music app. The app was designed by media artist Fader and allows users to play with their phone or tablet to generate EDM inspired sounds. The app offers users several “scenes” to choose from.

Once a scene is chosen the user can explore and discover exciting audio visual environments. The app synchronizes sight and sound into one performance. There are multiple interactive scenes in the app. The app also features real-time generative 3D graphics with dynamic sound.

The app uses gestures and the accelerometer to interact with sound and the visuals on screen. The audio is reactive to the scenes and the app can output what you see on the screen to a TV or projector.

EDMT is on Kickstarter right now seeking $18,000 and has raised a bit more than $5,400 so far with only 9 days to go. A pledge of $8 or more will get you a copy of the app expected by May 2015. Pledge $25 or more and get in on the beta starting next month.

SOURCE: Kickstarter