Edison Mail has been around for some time now but it’s been more of an email app where you can read your Gmails and other email services that you’ve been using for some time now. But now they’re introducing a new actual email service with a focus on privacy and full control over who gets to send you emails. They say that this service is “the only email service designed for the way you live your life today in 2020.”

OnMail has what they call a Permission Control Feature where you are the one who gets to decide who can email you and what emails will come in to your inbox. The service also says they can stop spam before it even reaches your inbox, although services like Gmail also have some sort of spam-blocking feature as well. All read receipts are also blocked although there is the assurance that it will not “degrade” your email experience or disable images.

OnMail also boasts of search capabilities that are more natural, aside from trying to remember the exact keywords. They did not specify how the search will work but from the screenshot in the post, it looks like it has something to do with attachments, sender, sendee, and date of the email. They built the search from the ground up so it would be interesting to see how it compares to Gmail’s search and its Google-based search powers.

Other features that will be available include large attachment support, enhanced delivery speed, and the aforementioned blocking of read receipts. Edison Mail has been around for a long time so in terms of knowledge of the email market, they have got that down. They previously have had some privacy issues so it would be interesting how the public will react to a privacy-focused email service.

OnMail is not yet available but you can already sign up for early access on their website. It mentions it’s “coming this summer” but no specific date. It looks like they will be offering a free and paid tier although they haven’t shared what’s the difference between the two.


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