Elite Computer Systems was showing off an Android tablet during Mobile World Congress. For reference, they are an OEM company, which means this is more of a reference device that will be used by others. But while this specific model may not arrive in the hands of a user, a recently discovered FCC filing did show something interesting.

The filing confirmed the use of the Intel Atom Z3735E Bay Trail processor. Stepping back though, the model discovered in the filing was the TA80TA1 and as the name would suggest — it does sport an 8-inch display. As usual, an FCC filing doesn’t suggest immediate availability. But on the flip side, it does mean the tablet is one step closer to potentially being released.


Other specs that had been confirmed (back during Mobile World Congress) include 16GB of internal storage space, microSD memory card slot, 1GB of RAM, micro USB and micro HDMI. That 8-inch display will have a resolution of 1280 x 800. We haven’t seen any specifics in terms of the camera setup, but the filing does show the tablet as having both a front and rear-facing.


We are also able to see the battery size — which in this case will be 4150 mAh. As mentioned, an FCC filing doesn’t always suggest immediate availability. We still need the official word from the manufacturer for release and pricing. And given the manufacturer is an OEM, that means we also need some further details in terms of which companies will be producing branded models of the TA80TA1.

VIA: Liliputing



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