It’s hard for people that work in fields where workers are not in an office to control when the worker actually starts and stops works. Some employees take advantage of that system and steal time from their employers by starting late and leaving early. A company called Econz Wireless has a new app for Android phones that will stop time theft and help employers cut down on expenses called Timecard GPS.

The app installs on any Android OS device from 1.0 up and tracks time, attendance, and GPS location for mobile workers. The app allows the creation of jobs, tasks, sub-tasks, and cost codes. The app will also track the workers location and the breaks they take. The app will prepare over 20 custom reports and uses Google Maps.

The clock in and out feature allows the worker to punch a clock even when they aren’t in the office. The app requires the company to have Timecard organization configured before installing the app to the phones. The app costs $12.99 monthly for each device with the clock in and out function.