Notifications can be both the best friend and banes of existence of smartphone users who are always connected. They can be annoying at times especially when you’re in the middle of your zone at work and they interrupt your work flow. But if organised and categorised properly, they can help you manage your apps. Echo Notification Lock Screen is aiming to do just that for your Android phone.

The goal of this new app is to eliminate the notifications that you don’t want to see because admit it, not everything you “turn on notifications” for is useful and sometimes it’s too much of a hassle to turn them off one by one. Echo Lock Screen can intelligently sort through all of them, and based on your previous behaviour towards these notifications or when you choose those that are important to you, it will send you alerts only on those that are important to you.

It can also create reminders from the notifications you receive so that you can read the important messages later during the day when you have more time. It also puts your notifications into categories so that the games, emails and social media are not just in one cluster in your lock screen. Another great thing about this app is that it shows you more details about the notification if you wish to know more about it. It can also let you view and dismiss each individual notification and not just all of them at one swipe.

Some early reviews of the app show that the users are generally satisfied with it, but since it’s still in the early development phase, there are still some things it can’t do, like access lock screen widgets that are often used. Some have also complained that the notifications still show even after dismissing them. But the developers are open to feature requests and feedback, so we might see some changes in future updates.

Download Echo Lock Screen on Google Play Store.