What’s in a name? Well, for a lot of brands whether electronic or non-electronic, apparently a lot. We’ve seen companies gain or lose its customers when it rebrands, so there’s always a risk involved. One of the latest to have a name change for their company and their products as well is EasilyDo. They have now rebranded themselves as Edison Software and their two popular apps are now known as Edison Mail and Edison Assistant. They’re also launching a new product called Edison Trends.

Formerly known as Email by EasilyDo, Edison Mail not only comes with a new name but the update also brings two new features to the app (which calls itself “the most popular independent mail app in the Google Play Store). It now has Smart Reply, an AI-powered feature that lets users quickly respond to emails from AI generated intelligent content. The machine generated content runs on your phone only and not in the cloud for more security, and will come soon to Android devices. The app now also has Security Assistant which lets you find out if your email account has been compromised if the provider experiences a data breach.

A new product that Edison Software is launching is called Edison Trends. It gives you access to e-commerce trends research which can be used to gain insights into the latest e-commerce trends. You can look at the various companies and see their purchase volume, which states they’re most popular in, plus the latest news about the brands. They also feature latest research articles that look into specific trends.

EasilyDo Smart Assistant has now also been rebranded as Edison Assistant, and continues to intelligently manage your contacts, calendar, and email. But for now, it doesn’t have any new features other than the name change.

SOURCE: Edison Software


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