From the creators of the popular game The Sims 3 by Electronics Arts comes a brand new version of the casual life game for Android. EA has just released The Sims FreePlay to the Android Market allowing anyone and everyone the fun of The Sims completely free. The other versions cost an upwards of $7.99 so this is a great move by EA.

The free version probably wont be as fulfilling as the $7.99 Sims 3 but at no cost to you I’m sure plenty will enjoy this latest game offering. With FreePlay users can customize up to 16 Sims from head to toe completely to their liking. Just like all the other popular games you can grow a garden, enjoy and care for pets, build and furnish your dream house and more. I know these games can be addicting to some — so you can thank me later for sharing the news. I gave it a quick try and the graphics are awesome and the controls are simple. Pinch to zoom works great and I’ll be sure to buy a dog and get the family rolling in no time.

They’ve added tons of goals and achievements. You can earn lifestyle points and spend them on cloths and other goodies too. Just like the other Sim games you play in real-time. Day or night for you will be the same for your Sims family. Best part here is the game is completely free to play. This is exclusive to Android and will not sync with players on Facebook, and is designed to work with all Android devices. Sadly I’m showing most work, but not the Galaxy Nexus. From the Nexus One all the way to my Android 4.0 ICS Transformer Prime, they are all supported but for some reason the Galaxy Nexus didn’t get included.

One small note or warning. The game is not too large but the additional download after installation is around 640 MB. For those with older devices this could be a problem but most likely you can move to SD card. Either way get it from the link below and check it out today for free.

Market Link