EA Games popular online casual gaming site POGO Games has always been something I expected to land on Android eventually, and this week it finally has. No doubt you’ve played some of their online games such as Solitaire, Word Whomp and others on a family members computer. Now four of their classic hit games are available on Android in an all-in-one download.

POGO and EA Games are proud to offer four classic hit casual games for Android in one app, and ad-free too. You’ll get Poppit!, WordWhomp, Sweet Tooth 2, and Turbo 21 for free. After some gaming you can unlock the always fun Solitaire too. EA games hasn’t released too many hit games for Android yet, but things are starting to take shape over there.

Along with offering four games for free, and all in one they’ve also added the usual social network fun and you can share results with friends, sign in and find friends using Facebook, and even compare with others. Basically the same social network options as most games these days. As long as Facebook isn’t the only way to sign in — I’ll be happy. If you’d like more details hit the market links below. You can also join Club Pogo to get access to over 40 games if you’re a die hard fan.

POGO Games Link

[via DroidGamers]