In what appears to be almost completely random we have a pretty awesome deal for you guys today. The folks from EA have decided to put two of their popular Android games on sale for an extremely low price of just $0.99 cents. The best part about this news is their new Mass Effect: INFILTRATOR is a whopping 80% off coming in for under a dollar.

Mass Effect is one of the most visually impressive games for Android, and they’ve made the controls quite good for a 3rd person shooter on a mobile device. Being released just about a month ago for $6.99, and now being dropped to only a dollar is surprising, but for that we thank them. They had their Games for Guys sale for Father’s Day, but this seems completely random and they’ve yet to announce why.

Pretty awesome deal for one of the best games available. Then EA has also dropped their pretty fun arcade style NBA Jams from $4.99 to the same $0.99 cents price point. This could be in part to it currently being NBA Finals week (Go Durant and Harden) but we won’t question a good deal and instead just provide the links below so you can enjoy both of these awesome Android games. The compatibility is quite decent so make sure your device is supported, non US users can find these games from Electronic Arts Nederland BV in the Play Store.

Mass Effect: INFILTRATOR Link
NBA Jams Link

Update: As an added bonus search for “longest day deals” in the Play Store (or click here) for tons of games and apps all on sale for under a dollar. That includes the fun Sonic Episode 1.
— Thanks Desmond

[via Android Police]



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