If you’re an avid card battle gamer and want a new title to try, consider ‘Earthcore: Shattered Elements’. The title itself gives us an idea that this one will use up your imagination, creativity, and strategizing skills. This game offers too many tactical opportunities that will really test your patience and intellect. To finish the game, you need to make sure that you’re prepared by carefully thinking of a strategy in this complex yet fun collectible card game (CCG).

If you think Earthcore is just like any other TCG you’ve played, it’s not. Gameplay is complex yet very easy-to-learn if you’re really willing to be so into the game. Don’t give up because this game will impress you after some time. Remember how the elements of war work. You need to beat the opponent by outsmarting him with your strategies. Just remember, “Fire burns Earth, Earth absorbs Water, Water extinguishes Fire”. Hold those words close to your heart and you’re gonna win this game where it’s all about skills.

Earthcore’s story is all about dark fantasy. You might be overwhelmed by all the wars, treachery, weapons of mass destruction, and even goblin revolution. It’s a crazy, dark adventure—just the way you like it.

Game is free to download but several in-app purchases are offered.

Download Earthcore: Shattered Elements from the Google Play Store