The speed at which aftermarket developers are putting out unofficial Android Nougat builds are nothing short of bewildering, considering that Android 7.0 only launched a few weeks back. Here’s another one – an early taste of Nougat is available for the OnePlus 3, made from official CyanogenMod sources (CM14). The Android developer community is alive and well, it seems.

The OnePlus 3 uses OxygenOS officially, and given the OnePlus software team’s recent struggles with updating Oxygen, we’d hardly expect them to come out with an Android Nougat build for their flagship so soon after Nougat’s launch. But the process of bringing Android 7.0 to the OnePlus 3 is well on the way, with XDA member “Taker18” putting out an unofficial CM14 build for the OnePlus flagship just recently.


Of course, being an early build means that some things aren’t working just yet – and mind you, these are major things. The developer lists these features not working: Camera, Call (telephony), Alert Slider, Dash Charge (OnePlus’s quick charging tech), and “possibly more”. So as you can see, this is not at “daily driver” level – it’s purely for testing and looking at how Nougat works with the OnePlus 3.

That said, if you really want to test this on your device, head on over to the official XDA thread where you can also find download links for the build. Make sure you have working backups ready if you want to try this.