EA Sports has just released two of their latest and greatest games for Android into the Google Play Store. Available today for around $5 is the new FIFA Soccor 2012 (football for the rest of the world) and NBA JAM. I personally have been waiting for NBA JAM but sadly like many of our readers, wont be able to enjoy it because they barely support any devices. Check out the impressive screenshots and details below.

I’m going to start off with a little rant. Looking at FIFA ’12 EA supports a wide array of Android devices. Including the new Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Multiple tablet sizes are supported including the Transformer Prime, and most decent phones released as of late. Then you have NBA JAMS, the game I actually wanted to buy. JAM supports the AT&T Galaxy S II, the DROID 4, and then a bunch of older devices with 4-inch or smaller screens. Nothing from the past 6 months is supported, and not a single tablet. What the crap is going on EA?

How they can release two games on the same day, yet support completely different devices is pretty poor. Obviously this was from different development teams and what not, but this just seems pretty pathetic if you ask me. I know the entire Android fragmentation issue can come into discussion here, but how can these two games be sooo different in terms of support.

Hopefully EA comes to their senses and updates these games, specifically NBA JAM with support for more devices, otherwise they wont be selling too many games. I am however, extremely happy to see these games are finally available for Android and can’t wait to give them a try. FIFA ’12 has 22 officially licensed teams and over 15,000 players, not to mention improved controls and instant replay.

NBA JAMS has the same awesome gameplay we’ve seen from the same game in the past. Huge bobbleheads and impressive slam dunks will make it amusing, and fun. You can also play against others over WiFi and Bluetooth. Good luck finding that many DROID 4 owners to actually play with though. Get both of these new awesome games from the links below and let us know what you think about these new releases in our comment box below.

FIFA 2012 Link



  1. I can’t buy NBA Jam because it is not supported for the Atrix. Tested the apk pulled from a friends device on the Atrix and it worked. It’s sad because it worked great too. I have since uninstalled it. There is no good excuse for piracy. I was just curious to see if this was another case of the app working fine on a device but showing unsupported.  If the object of business is to make a product and then collect $, EA not doing a good job. I’ll probably wait until it goes on sale for 99 cents now and buy it then. Temple Run comes out next week, I bet I have no problems giving them my $ so I can download and play it. 

  2. nba jam is beast on my tmo gs2, but no support for galaxy tab 10.1? crap ea, always hated that company ever since they took online servers down on imo the best madden ever, 09′ after only one and a quarter yr of release. fuck em


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