It appears the demand for top of the line mobile games is going to be huge with Android. From the demand for new cutting edge games, to the desire to have emulators that play retro games. A lot of open source fans are also avid gamers. It comes as no surprise that Glu Mobile and Namco Networks have announced their first Android games already.

Due to the fact that Android Market will initially have free applications, Bonsai Blast and Pac-Man will be given away for free. EA has not yet jumped into the Android Market with their larger games because the level of design put into each game make them easy candidates for a higher price.

“EA will support the Android platform, as any platform that can deliver a robust game experience is good for introducing new consumers to mobile games,” “EA Mobile has elected to wait for the launch of a content billing solution to bring their premier IP to market.”

It looks like Android owners will have to wait for The Sims, FIFA or Spore Origins until EA can charge for them. However with the phrase ‘premier IP’ hints that the publisher might release a few free games for G1 owners until Android Market allows for paid content. It is possible to see a light version of Soduku or Solitaire.

[Via Pocketgamer]