Dungeon Keeper is heading to Android. The news comes by way of EA and Mythic who have said the game should be available some time “this winter.” As of now they have yet to offer anything more specific for the release timeframe, however they have said this game will arrive as a “twisted new take” on the “cult classic strategy game.”

For those not familiar with the Dungeon Keeper name, this title is originally from the 90’s. Similar to the release date details, we have yet to see everything we can expect from the game. Of course, EA and Mythic have dropped plenty of teasers. For example, they have said Dungeon Keeper will arrive with an “addictive mix of strategic building and tower defense.”

And if that isn’t enough, they go on to mention how it will bring a “ground-breaking mobile experience that’s diabolically fun to its core.” Basically, you will play the roll of a hands-on overlord with your own subterranean lair. This lair will have everything to include tunnels and traps as well as treasures.

You will be able to collect and command your minions and have them help fight towards world domination. Part of that battle and journey towards domination will involve taking the fight to other dungeons. That all being said, while we wait for the release both EA and Mythic have offered some screenshots (seen above) and left us with this as a final teaser.

Filled with engaging graphics, explosive PvP and PvE gameplay, and wicked wit, Dungeon Keeper proves once again that it’s good to be bad.