For people who are not big fans of Android OS (or the Apple iOS) and the Google services, what are the options? Well, the /e/ Foundation has been in works developing a custom version of Android that comes minus Google’s proprietary apps and services. While the operating system is not a good bet for an average Joe, since you’ll have to get used to not having the Google apps ecosystem, on the de-Googled refurbished phones powered by the /e/OS open-source software.

Now the /e/OS is expanding its reach with their phones coming to the USA and Canada – previously they were only available in Europe. Along with that two new devices have been added to the portfolio loaded with the /e/OS – the Asus Zenfone 6 and Razer Phone.

They’ve also announced the availability of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ refurbished phones adding to the arsenal of smartphones like LeEco Le Max2 and LG G2, G3, and G5 that you can buy. The stocks are limited, so if you fancy the phones you’ll have to make the buying decision in a jiffy.

The phones with the /e/OS have some drawbacks too, such as the non-availability of Voice over LTE and Voice over Wi-Fi. That might be resolved in future updates; so these are worth the shift if you want to stay clear of the Google services.

/e/ comes with the installer to search for the free open source applications that in no way collect data at their servers. The option to use the software without buying the refurbished phones is also there, you can install it on a compatible phone since the list of devices is growing.