E-ink is not a new concept but not many companies take advantage of it. The technology has been around for some time now but it’s been overshadowed by colored screens. The sharper or the higher-res a screen is, the better so why focus on something that is only black and white. E-ink doesn’t provide much in the preview department but it is a good alternative. When you need a tablet for note taking, writing, sketching, or reading, you may want to consider this project on Kickstarter introduced by Eewrite.

Eewrite has shared the E-Pad project which is now on Kickstarter. This special Android tablet only uses e-ink but already comes with 4G connection and a 10-core processor. Note that this is an upgraded e-ink tech so it’s better and efficient.

The E-Pad is ideal for reading e-books. It may remind you of an old Kindle or a Kobo e-reader. This one though, you can use for document annotation and note-taking whenever and wherever.

When you only need a simple electronic paper, this one is perfect for you. Everything is made possible by the TFT display technology plus 4G connectivity so you can bring it anywhere.

E-Pad is like writing on real paper. Reading is the same. It’s just like using a paper that you can sign, scribble, and write on. It’s considered an Android tablet which means it can also render images, documents, audio, and videos.

The E-Pad comes equipped with a 10.3-inch glare-free display, Mobius Carta screen, E-Ink technology, TFT, a 10-core processor, Google Play store access, and of course, Android OS. We’re not forgetting the 4G connectivity that makes it truly portable and useful.

Eewrite’s fund goal is only $10,000 but pledges have already reached $111,785 as of this writing. You can still make a pledge and send donations if you wish to receive your own E-Pad.

SOURCE: Eewrite, Kickstarter


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