It doesn’t matter what smartphone platform mobile fans use, we all have some of the same wants in common. One of the most common complaints about smartphones of all types from users is that the cameras aren’t that great. A company called e-con Systems has announced that its new HD camera board called the e-CAM50_OMAP35x now supports the Android OS.

The camera driver used in the camera board interfaces with a high speed CMOS sensor interface on the TI OMAP35x and promises to deliver better picture quality and lossless compression to Android devices. The camera board uses an Omnivision OV5642 5MP sensor and has fixed autofocus.

In addition to taking still shots, the camera can also record 720p HD video at 30fps, VGA quality video at 55fps, and QVGA quality at 120 fps. The daughter board interfaces with the TI EVM board for prototyping devices and development.