For whatever reason, we never get sick of talking about Android collectibles. Good thing for us, then, that Dyzplastic has just announced a new collectible for us to add to our stockpile. With December right around the corner, the folks at Dyzplastic thought it would be a good idea to release a winter-themed Android collectible, introducing us to the new Frankie Frost figure.

It certainly has a unique look when held up to other Android collectibles we’ve seen in the past, with artist Scott Tolleson looking to the classic stop motion holiday films we all know and love for inspiration. We think Frankie looks great, and he should add some winter flair to your shelf full of Android collectibles. Unfortunately, the new Android figure isn’t available to purchase quite yet.

Dyzplastic won’t be putting it up on the Dead Zebra Store until December 6, with the company opening up orders at 11AM Eastern. If you miss your chance then, Frankie Frost will be available again later that day at 11PM Eastern. There’s a limit of just two per customer, so if you were planning on giving him out as gifts while keeping one for yourself, be warned that you’ll only have one extra to give away.

This guy is a limited edition Android mini collectible, so be ready to order quickly once 11AM on December 6 rolls around. Considering how good Frankie looks, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him sell out quickly. Are you going to pick one up for yourself, or have you never been all that into Android collectibles?

[via Dyzplastic]