Formerly known as Active Notifications and clearly inspired by the Moto X Active Display feature, DisplayNotifications is rolling out a new version of its lockscreen notification utility. While the new features arriving in this update sound quite interesting, some don’t actually come for free.

Next to homescreens and launchers, notifications seem to be the trendiest thing to modify and customize on Android. Motorola gave developers new inspiration with Active Display, which is what DynamicNotifications is trying to provide for other devices. The way it works is simple on paper. It will show you notifications on your screen, in a completely black background very minimal accents, even when the display is off, letting you decide right then and there whether to act or ignore it. The feature is best used with AMOLED displays, which costs almost no power to display black pixels. DisplayNotifactions adds a few more features, like a blacklist of apps to ignore and options to customize the notification’s appearance.

In this latest 2.8 version, the app gives more control over to users. In particular, you will be able to configure what actions are taken when you swipe. By default, swiping up or down dismisses the notification, left unlocks the screen and right opens the associated app. Also new in this release is an info bar at the bottom that gives a preview of the notification’s contents.

There is a catch, however. This new editable action swipe features, as well as other useful functionality like automatically showing the notification when the phone is taken out of a bag or pocket hiding additional details, are all hidden behind a $1.99 in-app purchase. That said, the free version of DynamicNotifications is useful and interesting enough as it is, and even its premium version is a lot cheaper than the $4.09 price tag of an almost equivalent Peek app from Paranoid Android.

Download: DynamicNotifications on Google Play Store