Earlier this week we found a neat new 3rd party keyboard for Android called Dynamic Keyboard. The promise was a dynamic and fluid typing experience that will predict words, and the keys will dynamically change and increase in size along with prediction. Allowing for a faster, more accurate typing experience. Well, we have the app so check it out below for more details.

Dynamic Keyboard is currently still in the beta stages, but we’re hearing September 14th it will be released to the Play Store in both a paid and free version. So far it still needs some work, and is being developed by a young man all by himself. So it’s certainly impressive, not to mention worth following to see how it does. We’re all about helping the little guy in a sea of SwiftKey, Swype, Google, and many many more.

Dynamic Keyboard caught my interest right away. Instead of SwiftKey’s prediction engine getting in the way of my typing experience by adding entire words for me, Dynamic will just increase key size and help me be more accurate while typing on a smartphone. The keys get bigger in relation to each word, and prevents mistakes. So far the engine is pretty accurate, but could use some work, and overall I found typing to be extremely easy and fast. I even tried missing the bigger keys on purpose to see how well and accurate the touch input was, and it’s pretty good.

So far this is very much a beta product, and not quite ready for a final release. However, there is tons of promise and upside with Dynamic Keyboard, that’s for sure. Once the developer increases and optimizes the often laggy animation effects I’ll be happy. The colors are ok, but overall the design and graphics could use some polish.

While using Dynamic Keyboard it does feel like typing could become much easier and users will be more accurate, but for those that rely solely on prediction engines this isn’t for you. There’s no popup with words or punctuation, it’s a pretty vanilla keyboard aside from the one great feature. Which obviously is the dynamically changing and increasing keys.

Look for a paid and free version to arrive on the 14th, and hopefully some of the issues and bugs are ironed out by then.