If you’ve been waiting for the latest installment of Gameloft‘s now iconic hack ‘n’ slash action RPG, then no more waiting for you. Dungeon Hunter 5 has indeed landed on Android and its bringing with it a ton of new goodies, aside from a new excuse to give your thumbs a good mashing exercise. With DH5, Gameloft overhauls the graphics system to exploit the power of newer devices. The game also features new mechanics, like a five-element system and a new multiplayer mode, all while delivering the same experience that fans have grown to expect.

While Dungeon Hunter 5 offers gamers new things to play with, it doesn’t stray far from the plot. DH5 carries over from its predecessor by showing the effects of the demon wars. But instead of being a glorious hero, players take on the role of a mercenary just trying to make a living in the now shattered kingdom of Valenthia. Of course, that means you still get to hack your way through monsters all day long.

Dungeon Hunter 5 introduces a form of rock, paper, scissors mechanic into the game with its five elements: Water, Fire, Light, Nature and Dark. Armors and weapons can be enchanted with these elements to provide an advantage over certain types of monsters. That means that no single armor or weapon element will be enough for all kinds of monsters. But for the equipment that you do want to take with you until the end, DH5 will let you upgrade again and again. Your equipment grows with you.

Perhaps one of the most interesting new feature of this latest installment is the new Guild Stronghold. While the game does feature cooperative multiplayer, the Stronghold system injects some element of Dungeon Master into the game. Players can create their own “dungeons” and put in minions that will defend the stronghold from other players seeking to loot the player’s riches. At the very last stage, the invading player will come face to face with the defending player’s character. We’ll see how well this plays out in the coming days.

As always, Dungeon Hunter 5 is free to download from Google Play Store, but veteran players will not be surprised to see tons of in-app purchases in every corner.