Gameloft’s popular dungeon crawling hack-and-slash RPG Dungeon Hunter 4 is getting a new expansion today called “Descending Depths”. And as with any expansion, Gameloft is giving us what we expect of this new addition to the game – new content, new equipment, and new features.

The Descending Depths expansion carries with it three massive new solo dungeons – Howling Canyon, The Dig Site, and the Chapel of Whispers. With these brand new dungeons, expect a new aesthetic theme as you play through them, along with new and more powerful bosses, new enemies, and of course, new loot (yey!).

Along with these new areas, a new feature will be introduced to the game, which the developers are calling “Burdens”. The Burdens feature will actually be very challenging sidequests, with the users taking on more difficult challenges. Of course, the rewards are also greater for these Burdens.

The Descending Depths expansion is now available for download at the Google Play Store here. If you’ve been playing Gameloft‘s Dungeon Hunter 4 for a while now, this expansion will be a welcome variation to the gameplay. Enjoy!

VIA: Droid Gamers