LG is set to announce its new flagship at the Mobile World Congress happening next month, with the OEM’s event set on February 21. But of course the speculation and rumors over the LG G5 will only ramp up until that day. Now it looks like the new smartphone has been spotted in a dummy box meant to conceal its “identity” and a new set of prototype pictures has been leaked as well, and they seemingly match the rumored specs of the device.

More than a month ago, a user on reddit claimed that he had an LG G5 in a dummy box and he posted a picture and a list of specs that seemed legit. However, he has since then deleted his profile which may or may not have something to do with his post. But now, this new set of pictures from another source seem to match the specs as well and also seems similar to the mock-ups done previously by other online sites who claim to have seen the actual device.

The new leaked pictures show a dual rear camera set-up, which matches one of the most talked-about rumored features of the LG G5. It has a 16MP and an 8MP both located at the back, at least based on these pictures. The volume rocker has also been moved to the left side, while at the back of the phone, you have a fingerprint reader aside from the two cameras. The SIM and SD card trays are on the lower right side while the USB Type-C port is on the bottom, beside the speaker.

We have less than a month to see if these leaked pictures and information match the actual device to be announced during the launch. The invites have been sent out, although the “Play Begins” theme doesn’t really say much about the product or products that will be announced.

VIA: Droid Life