Are you the type of smartphone owner that loses track of their device? If so, you’ve likely heard of Tile, the little fob that helps to track your device. A similar device named Duet has become available, aiming to help you do the same thing — and for those of you likely reading this, it has one distinct advantage over the competition.

Duet is a lot like Tile — small, easily traced, and works with just about anything you can affix it to. The difference with Duet is that it works with Android, whereas the similarly sized Tile is iOS only. Duet is a BLE device that can emit an audible alert when you stray more than 10 meters from your phone, too, which can be handy in those instances you walk away without your device. The battery can also be changed, meaning you don’t need to replace them each time your power runs dry.

Duet’s feature is a bit like some smart wearables we’ve seen lately, in that it alerts when you get more than a few feet form your smartphone. With Duet, all you need to do is make sure you have one of their little fobs (2.8cm x 2.8cm) with any of your belongings, and away you go. Duet comes in a variety of colors, and the accompanying PROTAG app allows you to track multiple Duets.

Duet is currently selling for $17 each, but the price will go up to $19 after the introductory period. It also works with both iOS and Android, so if you’re device agnostic or change it up a lot, check this one out. Duet is one of the better ways to track belongings, and doesn’t actually need an app to tell you you’ve lost something — that’s pretty special for anyone who’s lost an expensive device before.

Source: Duet