I love geeky DIY projects and when they are robotic in nature I like them even more. This one is particularly cool because it’s both a robot and a RC device and it happens to look like our pal the green Android mascot. The robot started out as a small trashcan that the builder painted green. You can see some photos of the build process in the gallery below and hit the source for a few more shots.

It looks like getting the head ready was the hardest part. He had to glue the flip-style opening section of the trashcan onto the lid and then caulk it up and sand it smooth. Inside the robot is all the gear that makes the RC controls work. The arms can move around and I am pretty sure those are Icee lids on the back of the robots arms.

The glowing eyes are made from 10mm green LED bulbs. The robot is rechargeable using a USB port and later versions have a rusty effect painted on the bots body. The bot even has its own little LCD screen on the bottom to deliver messages. The design uses Arduino tech in the build. Check out the videos to see the Android RC bot in action.

[via MIC Gadget]