Anybody who has researched on how to keep your search engine queries private will have ended up with DuckDuckGo at one point or another. DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine – one that will not track any of your search queries – that offers their service either as a mobile app or a browser extension for desktop browsers. The internet has come a long way since DuckDuckGo first launched, and that means there are also a lot more ways people can track your online activities. To help you with that, DuckDuckGo is expanding their privacy protection capabilities.

First up, the DuckDuckGo mobile browser app (or browser extension) now has a built-in tracker network blocking and smarter encryption, in addition to the private search the app is known for. This will allow the app or extension to show you a new “Privacy Grade” rating from A-F when you visit a website – a grade of “A” for the most secure to “F” being the least secure.

This rating will tell you at a glance how protected you are when browsing a specific site. Alternatively, you can dig into the details to see which sites tried to track you. According to DuckDuckGo, “the Privacy Grade is scored automatically based on the prevalence of hidden tracker networks, encryption availability, and website privacy practices.”

But if you just want a search engine that doesn’t track you and analyzes your browsing behavior, that is the most basic service that DuckDuckGo can give you. You can either download the Android app via the download link below, or check the source link if you need a browser extension for your laptop or desktop.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store
SOURCE: DuckDuckGo