Powerbanks are no longer a luxury but rather a necessity especially for those who go on long commutes or who will not have access to your usual power sources. But the problem with a lot of these powerbanks is that sometimes they’re too big or too bulky and if you have limited space in your bag, it’s a bit cumbersome. A new crowdfunding project on Kickstarter would like to help you with this problem by creating a powerbank that’s as big, or rather, as small as your credit card: the Doubleup Power Bank.

Since it’s as tiny as a credit card, this powerbank is something you can slip in your pocket or even in your wallet. You also don’t need to bring extra cords (unless you need something longer of course) as it has a built-in lightning/micro-USB cable. It has a rechargeable lithium batter with an output of 1280 mAh. Okay, it’s not the biggest of powerbanks since it’s not the actual biggest in terms of size, but if what you need is something portable and light, then you have it with Dubleup.

The powerbank has also gotten safety approvals from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the US, in case you were worried about exploding devices or this tiny thing wrecking your smartphone. It has an excess of 500 charge cycles. You can charge Dubleup itself through a power outlet or through your laptop/computer. It supports any smartphone with micro-USB connectors, so sorry USB-C devices.

The project has a goal of AUS$ 70,000 but so far they have only raised AUS$ 8,637. The good news is that it still has 19 days left in its campaign. You just need to pledge AUS$ 70 (around $54) to get one Dubleup Power Bank.

SOURCE: Kickstarter