The name Dub Dash alone gives the idea that this game offers a lot of action for the true blue musicians and audiophiles. It’s an action-based game where in victory depends on how you follow the rhythm. See if you can follow the beat in seven challenging modes where audio tracks and visual effects are beautifully adjusted to produce the perfect harmony with every song.

Just for fun, Dub Dash includes the soundtrack music of other known games like DJs of Geometry Dash and Bossfight. You can reach maximum audio listening experience by using a pair of headphones . In Dub Dash, you need to be ready for whatever challenge that comes your way. You can avoid obstacles, make 90-degree turns, fly, spina wheel, or do whatever is asked of you.

There may be seven modes to finish but you can still train harder each day in Practice Mode until you reach your champion goals. There, you can observe the effects and tracks responding to the beat of the music. This particulaar action game also allows tablet support and integration with Google Play Game Services.

All those tracks and effects you hear from the game follow the beat of the music. Do your best so you can quickly finish a level or two.

Download Dub Dash from the Google Play Store