You ever want to try out a new ROM but didn’t want to go through the hassle of having to set everything up again, perform a nandroid/bart/switchrom, or reapply your theme again? Now you don’t have to, you can now boot up two different ROM’s on the same device without them conflicting in any way with each other. Now you can, but currently it’s only been tested on the original HTC Hero.

Kendon at the VillainROM forums has recently release some software that allows you to accomplish this. Currently it’s only for the original but I’m sure the dev community or Kendon himself will be able to modify this to work with any Android device that has root. But for now all you original Hero owners now have something nice a shiny to play with.

i have managed to have two different android flashes on the hero, tested using VillainROM5.5.0 and SlideVillain1.1.0. it is designed to work with every rom you throw at it. it uses the /system partition for the first rom, the /data partition for the second rom, and two ext partitions for the userdata of each rom. apps2sd support is completely removed during the process, it is obvious that two roms using the same apps2sd partition would create a mess. the process is completely reversible (except for the wiping, so backup!). i have written a bash script that does the necessary steps for you, which are:

– modify the boot.imgs of the roms
– partition your sdcard
– flash the roms
– move the second rom to the /data partition
– move the two roms’ userdata to the sdcard’s ext partitions

[via villianroms]