DSP Group brings the smart phone user experience to the cordless home phone via the interactive multimedia handset. This device has just debuted at this years Cebit. DSP Group has been on of the leaders in telecommunications for the past 20 years. This will be their first entry into the world of Android.

This multimedia handset features a user-friendly touch screen and virtual keyboard and most importantly, Android. Also, it provides immediate access to information and diverse Android applications including web browsing, widgets, music and e-mail all from the comfort of your own home.

Taken from their press release:

“Highly portable, built on an open platform, and easily personalized, the DSP Group-designed multimedia handset is based on the Company’s innovative XpandR™ II, a comprehensive system-on-a-chip solution that integrates Wi-Fi and DECT. With an integrated processor, DSP, Wi-Fi and DECT baseband processor, analog front end, and software packages, XpandR II includes all of the components needed to develop a range of new and advanced portable and location-free multimedia products.”

UPDATE: Based on an ARM processor at 240 MHz, the phone has a touch screen 3.5 inches, a keypad, a USB port and a port for memory cards and WiFi. It also runs natively VoIP.


[via DSP]


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