Third party keyboard options for Android continue to be a popular place for innovation. This week we saw a glance at a new app called Dynamic Keyboard, and now this afternoon we have a new start-up promising 80 WPM on a tablet. From the co-founder of Swype, check out his new tablet app called Dryft below.

They’re all about replacing that “i” with a “y” for some reason, and today they’ve announced their new app called Dryft that aims to offer a typing experience on tablets like never before. In fact, the co-founder of Swype Randy Marsden is leading the project and claims this new revolutionary typing style will allow users to type naturally, and reach speeds of 80 words per minute on a tablet.

Dryft doesn’t work like most apps, since they’ll actually let users lay their hands and wrists on the display. Instead of using a regular method with touch screen controls, Dryft uses the accelerometer and will recognize the taps individually, letting you keep your wrists comfortably on the tablet and in home row. Here’s a quick video with an explanation and showing it in action.

Dryft aims to do for tablets what Swype did for smartphones, which has been downloaded and is used on millions and millions of smartphones. SwiftKey has put a lot of efforts into their tablet option, but we have a feeling Dryft could be something we use in the future. Having keys expand around our fingers, while resting comfortable on that 10-inch Nexus 10 display, then typing with ease. Sounds great.

A beta sign-up has gone live, and hopefully this new typing experience will arrive on tablets sometime soon. Who’s interested?

VIA: Dryft