drupe is one of those apps that has made interacting with your contacts on your device so much smarter and easier. By letting you drag and drop contacts on the app of your choice, you get to have control over how you want to get in touch with people you’ve recently met or those that you regularly communicate with. Now drupe 2.0 is continually improving this service, this time bringing a new dialer, plus several other enhanced features.

The updated version of the one-swipe dialer has further improved how you interact with contacts as you use the app-centric way of communication that may be different from how other apps use it. For example, dealing with missed calls is typically in the notifications panel, mixed in with all your other notifications. But drupe wants to make sure you don’t miss it by putting it in a bubble/bubbles on your screen, then letting you “drag and drupe” the contact to whatever app you want to contact them with.

One-swipe interactions have become a thing for drupe over the past few months, adding contact-based reminders, a cross-app smart dialer, meeting invitations, location sharing, even P2P payments, onto its roster the past few months. Now you also have speed dialing, which you can set up by long tapping the dialer digits. It seems that drupe is integrating itself in all the apps that users frequently use, and that’s a good thing.

Looks-wise, drupe 2.0 brings also a new dialer which is much more intuitive, if it’s actually calling the contacts that you want to do. It also brings you new dialer themes, because who says dialers can’t be pretty or personalized? There is also Skype dialer support, dual-sim support, and a lot of other fixes. If you don’t have it yet, you can download app through the Google Play Store for free.