So you’re the one who’s been sending me all those inappropriate messages at 2AM? I am your boss or co-worker! How dare you do such a thing! You are fired, and also, I am suing you for so much money you’ll never drink another glass of beer again! OR I could suggest the following to you: CyanogenMod’s preposed Drunk Mode which stops you from sending messages or calls to certain people after a certain time at night.

As you might very well already know, CyanogenMod is a mod you can plant in your Android device, one that lets you do all sorts of wonderful thing you might never have done had you not done a bit of the ol’ hacking away. CyanogenMod 6 is currently working on what could very well turn into the greatest modification to a phone ever: the blocking of stupidity. This drunk mode is only a rumor found on the “open projects” section of the CyanogenMod website, but you never know, it’s a really fricking good idea.

[Via Android Trek]