Thanks to the brand new Sync API from the folks at Dropbox all those Android and iOS app developers workload just got a bit lighter. Today the Dropbox developer team has announced their new Sync API that will allow apps to seamlessly and effortlessly integrate sync right into their apps. More details can be found below on the new API.

Before, developers had to do all of the heavy lifting. All the syncing, caching, and storing of everything was all on their end and required existing APIs. Today however, Dropbox will make the entire process extremely easy. This will enable developers to focus on creating intuitive and rich Android apps, then just plug in Dropbox Sync for all those awesome features.

Instead of only accessing your Dropbox files, apps will now easily be able to sync and share everything you need and want. The newly released API takes care of all the complexities involved. Things like caching, syncing, and even working offline. This means apps will just work, and developers won’t have to spend countless hours with the options, or leave them out all together.

Dropbox servers will now handle all of the syncing, caching, and even server retries when you lose a connection and more. This will make the entire service more seamless across the wide array of Android and iOS apps available. For all you eager developers wanting to implement this new option into your apps, get started at the Dropbox developer page. Happy coding!