Sold, the sell-your-stuff service, has been purchased by Dropbox. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Sold has stopped accepting new items, and will let those existing items sell before making any sweeping changes. Just what those are is unclear at the moment.

Sold was less than clear about their direction moving forward, but we wonder if the online marketplace is shuttering. Their refusal to accept new listings is telling, but a lack of official word is confusing. There is also a tab on their new landing page that asks “What was Sold?”, which only deepens our suspicions.

Through the “What was Sold” section of the site, you can find that Sold considered themselves a “micro-logistics” service. Users could upload a few photos of an item, and the Sold team would list the item for them, replete with what Sold considered appropriate pricing. Simple enough, it was also a bit like this pop-up shops that promised to list your eBay item for you; simple for you, lucrative for them.

Sold hasn’t made clear their role with Dropbox, only saying that “After spending time with Drew and Arash, we decided that the move to Dropbox couldn’t be better – their roadmap includes exciting new experiences which align perfectly with our ethos of creating products that positively affect people. Going forward, the Sold team will continue working together to build these experiences, shaping the future of Dropbox for their 200M strong user base.” A glowing endorsement, it doesn’t tell us if Dropbox will have a Sold-like service in the future, or if this was more a talent-grab for the cloud storage provider. It seems that time will tell.

VIA: Android Police