Lately the competition in online cloud storage has really started to heat up. With multiple options coming in with all sorts of pricing someone needs to make their mark. Today it appears that Dropbox wants to be first. They’ve just revealed their new Pro plans that are doubling users storage limits for nearly the same price.

From architects to photographers, or families with way too many pictures and videos of their kids Dropbox now fully has you covered. Dropbox isn’t just improving their services, their offering is getting a huge upgrade. Users can now get Dropbox Pro in 100GB or 200GB versions, but at the price of the original 50 and 100GB plans — tell me that isn’t a great deal?

That isn’t all either. If you currently have a 50 or 100GB plan, you’ll automatically get upgraded to the 100 or 200GB limit. Then for all you heavy hitters or users that just have way too much stuff they need in the cloud, Dropbox now offers a 500GB flavor of their services. Full details and pricing will be available later tonight on With Google Drive, any many others around Dropbox is looking better and better.

[via SlashGear]