It used to be that you’ll have to shell out some money to be able to have an efficient password manager and help you protect all your apps and accounts. But now we’re getting some pretty decent free ones from the likes of Google, Apple, etc. Dropbox also launched a password manager but it was only limited for their paying users. But they have just announced that soon, even those on the free Basic plan will also be able to use Dropbox Password but with a small caveat.

If you’re not familiar with what Dropbox Password is, it’s a feature for Dropbox subscribers that lets you store and sync your passwords across devices so you’ll never have to remember or keep a notebook/text file that lists all of them. And you’re not supposed to keep passwords for long anyways so this also helps you create strong passwords and change them regularly. Even better, everything is encrypted so only you will have access to your passwords.

Dropbox has now announced that they will be making Passwords available for Dropbox Basic users who are actually using the cloud storage service for free for 2GB of space. The only caveat to this is you can only sync up to 50 passwords on up to three devices. That may be enough for a lot of people but if you are using a lot of apps or have signed up to a lot of websites, that may not be enough. Dropbox will also let Basic users share a password with contacts but no details about that yet and it’s coming soon.

If you’re not satisfied with that, you can always subscribe to Dropbox. The Plus plan at $9.99/month not only gives you Passwords but also 2TB of cloud storage and other features like Vault, Smart Sync backup, Transfer, etc. If your goal is only to have an app that syncs passwords, there are of course cheaper alternatives out there. But if you want to store all your files in the cloud along with your passwords, this is a good option.

Dropbox has not said when they will be rolling out Passwords to Basic users but you can sign up to be notified. If what you’re looking for is a basic password manager for a handful of passwords, then you can definitely try it out since it’s for free after all.