When you’re collaborating on an audio and video file and sharing it with colleagues through file-sharing services, it’s pretty hard to reply and make comments on it. An option would be email but those threads can get messy. If you’re using Dropbox to share these large files, we have good news for you. They are now adding a time-based comments feature that will make it easier to go back and forth on edits and other things needed to be discussed by teammates or clients.

Previously, Dropbox already had a feature where users could comment on other file types like documents, images, presentations, etc. But now they’re adding audio and video files to the mix. Owners of the file can add a specific time where people can leave comments on a specific file. All other Dropbox users who have access to the file will be able to see all the comments made and then leave their own.

This feedback system supports more than 30 audio and video file formats. This includes the all-important MP3 and MP4. You need to sign in to your Dropbox account to be able to view and leave comments on the thread. You can also @ mention specific users you want to call attention to. Users will also be able to scrub through the content with the audio waveforms and video thumbnail previews.

However, this new feature will not be available yet on Android devices but it will be “coming soon”. Commenting will first arrive on the desktop versions but we’ll let you know once support gets to smartphones and tablets later on.

VIA: SlashGear