If you’ve ever had an experience getting locked out of your Dropbox and all the files you need are there and your emergency backup codes or the text 2-step verification are nowhere to be found, then you probably experienced panic attack at that time. But now they’re introducing mobile prompts or notifications to verify your account and you can access all your files immediately. This is a pretty useful tool for times when you don’t have cell signal but still have WiFi.

Basically, what this new feature does is to use your Dropbox mobile app to verify your identity, instead of the usual code that the app can send to your smartphone through SMS. When you’re signing in to your Dropbox account on your desktop and you’ve enabled this, it will send a notification to your app and you just tap a button or two to finish the process. As long as you have WiFi (and of course you need WiFi to access Dropbox), you will be able to verify your account and then proceed to use it as you normally would.

You will be able to access the two-step verification through a link that you will see when you’re trying to access your Dropbox but you can’t. “Having trouble getting a code?” is the link that you will see after you enter your email address and password (and somehow, it didn’t work). It will then lead you to that aforementioned process

This is actually just part of their enhanced security tools which also includes the security checkup tool. For a cloud service where users put up almost all their content on their servers, customer trust is a pretty big thing. And given that we’re seeing a lot of major hacks happening, this is all the more important.

SOURCE: Dropbox