Much like Google+, Dropbox now has the ability to automatically sync your Android photos to your Dropbox storage account. However, instead of resizing your images like Google+ does, Dropbox will upload an image of any size. Mobile cameras are improving at a steady rate, so the ability to retain the quality of your photos could be very important to many users.

For the Windows users out there, when inserting a USB or SD card into your computer, Dropbox will offer the option to instantly upload image files to your Dropbox folder. The only way it could be easier is if Dropbox took the pictures for you. This new feature is bound to use up your free 2GB of data rather quickly, especially if you enjoy snapping photos/videos and forget automatic uploading is left on.

That’s why Dropbox will up the capacity for free users from 2GB to 5GB. The extra 3GB will not be available instantaneously, but will accumulate as you use automatic image uploading. For now, automatic uploading is only available for Android, but iOS users should see its app updated soon too. Will this update sway you away from Box offering 50GB of free cloud storage?

[via Dropbox]