Not all families are able to stay together during this pandemic. And even if you are sheltering together, there is still a need for digital tools to help you manage and maybe even do a bit of digital decluttering. Dropbox is the latest tech brand to create tools meant for families to stay connected. Dropbox Family is their latest product that will let up to six family members have one organized place where they can have their own space and share whatever needs to be shared with the entire group.

Each Dropbox Family plan has 2TB of space where each member can store their own personal photos, videos, documents, PDFs, etc. Each one has a separate account that other members will not be able to access. But for those that need to be shared with other family members, there’s the Family Room, a shared folder that everyone will have access to. You can stay updated with all the pictures of the newest baby of the family or with the document where you’re planning your next virtual get together.

Dropbox Family also has the other Dropbox features included in the plan. Dropbox Passwords lets you store and sync your passwords across devices. This way, you can teach kids and teens about the habit of using strong passwords. Actually, even the older ones will benefit from this as the most common password for internet users is still “password”. Once you create and store passwords, you will be able to easily and securely sign-in on other apps and services.

Another feature they’ve added to the Family plan is Dropbox Vault which adds an extra layer of security for storing those important and sensitive files like bank documents, Social Security Card details, etc. You can also assign a family member to access your vault in case of emergencies. Computer backup is also included in the Family plan. It’s where you can automatically sync your computer’s folders like Documents, Downloads, Desktop.

The Dropbox Family plan is at $16.99 per month which is actually less expensive than two Dropbox Plus plans. You can add up to six members in the plan and you will all share 2TB of space.