Dropbox is one of those essential apps to have in case you’re working from home or anywhere outside of your office, especially now when a lot of things happen remotely. And so the latest tools and features that they’re bringing to users are all the more important and useful, even if most of them will still be in beta. These things include a way to sync your passwords across devices, a vault to store your important files, computer back up for other folders, and a place to sync your family files together.

The Dropbox Passwords app works like a lot of the password manager apps out there. It stores and syncs your passwords in one place so you can sign in to websites and apps from across your devices but with zero-knowledge encryption. It’s available in private beta for select Dropbox Plus users. If you need to store some of your most sensitive documents and files, Dropbox Vault is also available in private beta for select users. You will need to set a PIN to limit access to this vault.

The Computer Backup feature is so you can automatically backup up your Desktop, Documents, and Downloads folders from your computers to your Dropbox account. It’s now available in beta for Basic, Plus, and Professional users. If what you need is a family hub to store all your shared photos, videos, and important files, Dropbox Family lets you share up to 2TB of storage. You need one plan but each member can have their own individual account views. It’s currently being tested with select Dropbox users.

Dropbox is also doing an integration with eSignature and storage solution HelloSign so you can send, sign, and store documents and agreements without having to leave the app. It’s currently in beta for select users but will eventually be available for everyone. Lastly, they are launching a Dropbox App Center where you can see all the third-party integrations available, from Zoom, Slack, and Google.

These are a lot of new Dropbox features and tools and they say to expect more apps and functionalities to be integrated. Hopefully we’ll see all of these on a much wider rollout over the next few weeks.