If you use the Dropbox Basic free account, your days of having unlimited devices linked will soon be over. Well, you still get three devices max, but if you’re used to using it on several, multiple devices then you’ll have to choose which ones you will retain. While you still get 2GB of free storage, having limited linked devices can be a hassle for users who use more than one smartphone, tablet, or computer. This new policy is taking effect already this month.

New users of Dropbox get free storage of up to 2GB and then unlimited linked devices as well. But it looks like they have changed their mind on the latter as they are now limiting the linked devices to just three, at least for Basic Accounts. If you didn’t know yet, linking happens when you install an app on your phone or tablet or when you install the desktop version on your laptop or computer.

The reason why people link multiple devices is to make sure that all their files and settings are synced automatically. You can check all your linked devices by going to the settings of your Dropbox account, tapping on the Security tab and then looking through your list of linked devices. When you check on the X beside the device, you will automatically unlink that account and it won’t sync anymore.

The good news is that if you’re an existing Basic user and have more than three devices linked, you won’t be forced to unlink them. However, you won’t be able to add any other devices so you’ll have to make do with what you have even if you unlink and stay within the limit. Also, you can still access Dropbox through a browser and that will not count as linking.

VIA: SlashGear