Dropbox has just rolled out an update to its Android app that brings it up to par with a feature that the service has already offered for some time now. Starting with the latest Dropbox for Android version, users will be able to share folders with other Dropbox users right from within their Android device.

Dropbox allows sharing of files by providing links to other people, even those who aren’t Dropbox users. Sharing folders, however, takes sharing to a different level, though it does require everyone to have a Dropbox account. Folder sharing is basically a collaborative feature, letting anyone invited to see the shared folder in their own Dropbox account and edit files within those folders as if they were the user’s own files.

Previously, one had to go into Dropbox’s web interface or use desktop file manager extensions to share folders. Now mobile users can conveniently share a new or existing folder and invite users to those shared folders. One can also easily change the settings or curate the list of collaborators after the fact through the Shared folder settings.

This new folder sharing feature comes with the latest version of the Dropbox app for Android which is rolling out to users today. Just don’t go trigger happy with sharing folders, as those shared folders also count against each and every invited user’s storage quota.

SOURCE: Dropbox