Drop tests are fun to watch but we won’t dare do it ourselves. It’s fun alright but it can also be heartbreaking at times. For this test, it’s not really breathtaking because the phones being compared were made designed specifically for rough use. The goal of the drop test is to know which one will give in first and which one will last longer.

Phonebuff’s mobile drop test was divided into four rounds: Back Drop, Bottom Drop, Side Drop, and Face Drop. In the first round, the smartphone’s back was dropped, back first, winning. Round Two is the Bottom Drop which only showed an S7 Active less damaged.

In Round 3, the side drop yielded both phones to have only a few scruffs but are more visible on the Moto Z Force. In the last round, both again survived by the Moto Z Force.

The Bonus Round is aimed to know how many drops until the Moto Z Force would stop responding or get a scratch. The result is rather disappointing because only at the sixth drop, the phone gave up and stopped responding when the last record was after 32 drops for the HTC 10.

After this test, we’re expecting more and similar tests to be done.