Some people say that drop tests are a waste of time but David Rahimi of PhoneBuff is doing such extreme tests to gadgets to help the consumers make informed decisions. The last one we featured was a Drop Test comparing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. the iPhone 6S. This time, it’s the new Note 7 against the iPhone 7 Plus. The standard four tests were done on both smartphones plus a bonus round to see until when the iPhone 7 Plus would survive.

The drop tests are as follows: Back Drop, Bottom Drop, Side Drop, and Face Drop. For Round 1, the iPhone 7 suffers only a few scuffs along the aluminum frame. The Dual camare lens have no scratch. Meanwhile, the Note 7 suffers specifically on the rear glass the cracked at the bottom. In this round, it’s metal versus glass. The iPhone 7 wins in this case.

For Round 2, doing a Bottom Drop does give both phones few scuffs along the bottom. They are more visible though on the Note 7 because of its color. The cracks have spread to the back. Once again, the iPhone 7 wins.

Round 3 is a Side Drop. Both devices survive. The aluminum bands suffer a few scuffs but nothing serious so it’s a tie. Round 4 is Face Drop which results to both phone having their front glass screens shattered. The Note 7’s curved screen takes the major cracks on all four corners but they are more obvious on the iPhone 7. In this case, it’s another tie.

The iPhone 7 moves to the bonus round. The result? It only survived until the 10th drop. We already know about the Note 7 surviving 50 drops so I guess we can say the Note 7 is more durable compared to the new iPhone 7 Plus–that is, if hasn’t exploded yet.

VIA: PhoneBuff


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