For people who spend an extraordinary amount of waking time looking at our mobile devices, it stands that we’d want our phones or tablets to be pleasant-looking, not just externally but more so when you look at your home screen. The DroidPack app offers Android users the chance to use over 500 different wallpapers to give your phone the feel of being brand new, even everyday if you want to.

Droidpack has gathered stock wallpaper images from different Android devices and ROM’s like Honeycomb, Jellybean and KitKat in just one monster app to give users all these different options of sprucing up their home screen. The wallpapers are arranged per category and per ROM, and even per flagship handset, like the Galaxy S5, One M8 or the Xperia Z2. Even the Paranoid Android designs and some of the older ROMs are included in this super pack. And if you want to look for a specific kind of wallpaper, you can also search for certain keywords like “trees”, “sea”, or “flowers.”

What is even more interesting is that not only are the wallpaper images from different Android versions, but even those stock images from the different OSes, particularly iOS7 and iOS8. Now hardcore Android users might scoff at including these, but there are some pretty nifty wallpaper designs from the moment that Apple finally allowed iOS users to set home screens back in 2010.

So if you’re looking to have a random new look for your phone everyday, head on over to the Google Play Store to download the DroidPack for free.


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